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For what they are worth, I am writing these daily homilies to provide as a resource material for busy, harassed-for-time fellow priests and ministers in preparing their homilies and talks. The Word of God is likewise designed as a spiritual food for all who wish to enrich and nourish their spiritual life. Part of this "daily gospel homilies" is also to challenge readers to exemplify their Christian faith as a powerful force for renewal and deepening of faith. Actually we have heard the Word of God, or we may even hear it daily. For many of us the message of love, peace, compassion, and forgiveness is nothing new. But the question for us is: Have we lived these in our daily lives? Somebody said that "The Words of God by themselves are just words. They come alive only when they are lived."  I hope and pray that these daily gospel reflections will help you appreciate the Lord's teaching and, more importantly, guide you to live by it.